Your "Side Hustle" Won't Save You!

I get it. You hate your job. You want to leave. You want a better culture. You want to make a bigger impact. You want to create something special & change the world.

Why is the answer work two jobs?

In theory, it sounds like a solid, low-risk plan that will, one day, allow you to leave the hell-hole you are working in. I'll add that your current job is, likely, paying your bills, allowing you a social life & funding your side hustle, but that is beside the point isn't it? In practice, the side hustle is never going to work.

STOP! Before you Google "people who won with their side hustle", let me be clear. It's never going to work for YOU! Do I have your attention?

We spend a lot of time trying to prove other people wrong instead of proving ourselves right. However, if you haven't proven it by your own actions, your whole argument is just an example. It holds no weight as to your side hustle saving YOU. It's not a situation of case studies. It's one of behavioral studies. Character studies & market studies.

If you ever watch the hit show Shark Tank, one of the biggest red flags the investors have when a business is making their pitch is whether the owner is working full-time in the business. Very few side hustles get funded on that show. Why? Because the sharks know that side hustles don't save people. They, also, know that side hustles are terrible investments for the most part. That's why the couple that has a great invention with $10,000 in sales in 7 years, but both still work their corporate jobs will never get a big check or opportunity offer.

The reason side hustles, by-and-large, don't pan out is because of the lack of commitment. That is, most likely, why the Shark Tank folks pass on the deals. The side hustle doesn't HAVE to work, but it would be nice if it did. While the risk for you is low, so is the level of commitment. If you were committed & believed, then this wouldn't be a side hustle. You would be all-in. If this HAD to work for your survival, you would find a way.

The truth is that we don't want a better culture, to make an impact or to create something special bad enough to assume the real risk required to achieve those things. We want low risk, high reward. Doesn't everyone?

I saw a few hundred entrepreneurs, coaches & celebrities speak over a span of three years. Do you know what they all had in common? There was a moment in all of their lives & careers when the safety net was removed, they went all-in & this HAD to work. Not a single person I saw speak got where they were by keeping a side hustle.

The side hustle was create to mitigate risk, make you feel like you are working on something of meaning & to consume any time you might have outside of your job. It feeds your hope, but is hard pressed to shape your belief or boost your commitment. That is why it will never save you from the job you hate & the lack of excitement you feel.

Instead of creating a side hustle, why not just do the job you have better? It funds your life. It provides you with options in your free time & there is something to be said for that. If it's a job you just can't do, then find a new job. If that bores you & you really need the impact aspect of your work, there is one answer.

Step out from behind your fear, go all-in & build what you want.


* photo courtesy of the New York Post*


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