Happiness Killers!

I have this idea of a dynamic life that I work with my clients on all the time. Basically, it means we create a life that is full of progress, change, ideas, positive energy & growth. That can mean a lot of things. An important part of knowing what you want is knowing what steals the things you want from you.

In this case, happiness is the goal. Two things steal happiness from our lives. Pain & boredom. I'm certain I read that somewhere, but I've processed it in my world enough to speak from a place of truth.

Pain is the obvious. It's hard to be happy AND hurting. It just makes sense that those two things can't exist together. My take on pain is that it's not the pain itself, it's our response to the pain. On some level, we like the feeling that "it's NOT our fault" & we capitalize on that. We never take responsibility for our response, we just dish out blame to the pain itself. Thus, the pain stays & robs our happiness.

Trust me, I know that is easy to say. "Just get over it!" The pain that I've felt in the last 12 months creates the thought that a harsh comment to someone who is in pain doesn't help, but, also, that the truth will help. I don't think you "just get over it". I think you control what you can control & commit to responding to the rest.

Boredom, on the other hand, is in our control. Boredom is dangerous because we dish out blame as if it is not our responsibility.'s not your bosses job to make sure you don't get bored. It's not your spouses job to make sure you have some excitement in life. It's not your friends job to make you happy. All of that falls on you. Boredom is allowed, not forced.

If you take a look at your schedule, what areas are boring to you now? Can you outsource them? Can you stop doing them at all? Or are they part of the 80% you have to tolerate so you get to do the 20% that you love?

Getting to the root of the happiness issue means you are tackling pain & boredom.


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