Earn Your Life Back

I used to spend my time trying to prove myself. Climbing the preverbal ladder & waiting for my day of appreciation. It was miserable!

In 2012, my wife & I decided to make a drastic change in our lives. We decided to leave our chosen careers, move closer to our family & start all over. We knew it would be tough, but we had no idea how tough.

In a matter of months, we went from a multi-six figure household to making less than $35,000 the following year as a household. We were both figuring out what we wanted to do to make money & still keep some form of sanity & happiness. We were very much in survival mode while we figured it out. There wasn't room for a splurge or a vacation. We just had to get through it.

She waited tables, worked in a bank &, eventually, becoming an insurance producer. I passed our coupons in Wal-Mart, sold whiskey (legally) & started a photography business that has since failed before starting my coaching practice. Those were tough days. Eating a lot of pork & generic juice.

We had to earn our lives back. The road was not easy, but we are sure glad that we did. This year, we surpassed our income at it's peak from our previous life & we are showing great signs of that continuing. We go out to eat & order what we want instead of what we can afford. We don't worry about my sons needs or what we might do to provide for him. It's a great feeling!

The big transitions in life are not free. Most people know that & never make the transition at all. They stay in the bad job or the bad relationship hoping that things will change one day. They never do. The secret to making the leap of faith from what you are doing to what you want to do is to believe in your ability to learn. As you figure out what it is that really makes you happy & funds a great life, embrace the time period of earning that right. The right to live a life on your terms.

Had we not gone through those rough years, I would never speak on the subject. I've earned the right to talk about it. I've earned the right to help people with it. I've earned the right to run my business part-time & make full-time pay.



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